APPLE Presently SELLING AIRPODS Genius 2 USB-C CASE All alone

At the point when Apple reported the refreshed AirPods Ace 2 with USB-C at its fall Wonderlust occasion, the primary inquiry we had was “Will the case be accessible all alone for current AirPods Genius 2 proprietors?” In those days, it didn’t seem as though there were plans. Fortunately, time has demonstrated in any case.

Apple presently has the AirPods Star 2 case with USB-C up on its site, accessible right away, at a cool cost of $99. It’s somewhat more than we trusted it would retail for, however for somebody that has been longing to swear off Lightning associations from their life, it’s not ludicrous valuing.

It’s memorable’s vital, however, that the expansion of USB-C to the new update of AirPods Master 2 wasn’t the main improvement. The tiny headphones likewise got a lift up to IP54 rating for further developed dust obstruction, and will offer lossless sound when utilized with the Apple Vision Ace (for those anticipating dishing out $3,500 in 2024 for the impending VR headset). On the off chance that you need those upgrades too, it’s more worth your time and energy to simply get another arrangement of miniature headphones. The AirPods Star 2 with USB-C can be routinely tracked down on special for $200.

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