Air quality in Mumbai will improve in two months’ time, says minister

Maharashtra minister Deepak Kesarkar on Wednesday said with all the steps taken for air pollution mitigation, it will take upto two months for the air quality in Mumbai to improve.
Speaking at a news conference at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) headquarters, Kesarkar, who is the guardian minister of Mumbai, said dust particles was the major cause of air pollution in the city. The BMC on Wednesday came out with air pollution mitigation guidelines for construction sites and other sources of air pollution. “Now this action has been started, and in the coming one or two months, you will see its results,” Kesarkar said. The Maharashtra government has set up a committee to study the issue and its work has started, he said.
The companies implementing big infrastructure projects in Mumbai have agreed to participate in the initiative taken for improving the air quality, Kesarkar said.
“Providing clean air to the citizens of Mumbai is also the responsibility of the government

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